March 7th, 2016

Story a day: 3.7.16

Prompt: Write 10 sentences, each containing a cliche, then rewrite them without the cliches.



1. We stepped into a cave black as pitch.
2. My boss is driving me crazy.
3. The watery stew provided cold comfort to the weary travelers.
4. I've been told that my biological clock is ticking.
5. Carol would have to hit the books to pass her test.
6. Arguing with him is like beating a dead horse.
7. The mercenary killed the king in cold blood.
8. They fled the lion like bats out of hell.
9. The applause petered out.
10. Explaining things to her was like screaming into the wind.


1. The thick darkness within the cave left us stumbling and blind.
2. Interacting with my boss left my head throbbing.
3. The watery stew left a hollow hunger in the weary travelers' bellies.
4. I've been told I'll someday regret not having children, but that opinion does not sway me.
5. Carol spent the weekend with her textbooks instead of her sorority sisters.
6. Arguing with him yields nothing but headaches.
7. The mercenary left the king in a pool of his own blood before she sauntered off into the night.
8. They'd never run so fast in their lives as when the lion chased them.
9. The apalause hushed from a downpour to a drizzle.
10. Explaining things to her felt at best futile and at worst like trying to dig through concrete with a plastic spoon.