March 2nd, 2016

Story a day: 3.2.2016

Prompt: Hopped into a sprint room at for five minutes and wrote a weird story about math inspired by a documentary I saw this morning.


We invented math in order to count our women. Before then, it was too difficult to keep track. The little hens would run off and then we'd have the worst time rounding them back up. But now, with math, we are able to keep track of all our property, not just the women.

This new math we have is useful in so many ways. Just the other day, Jon was praying and realized he'd called on three gods - three! We even know our gods better now.

"I'd like to count," my wife said not long after the new math really got rolling.

I laughed. How could I resist? Such silly hens we have about us.

But it turned really serious when I discovered her trying to learn it herself. Can you imagine? I found her out in the yard, pulling up weeds and putting them in piles. When I asked her what she was doing she had the audacity to look proud.

"Look!" she said. "There is a weed in this pile for each finger on my hand. What is the math for that?"

Five, I wanted to shout. But I knew it wouldn't penetrate her silly head. How could I explain something like "five" to a silly hen who thought fingers were math?

It seems no matter how far we progress, there will always be much to learn.