February 18th, 2016

Story a day: 2.18.16

Prompt: Today's form is Horatian ode.

Each stanza is either ABABCDECDE or ABABB. The poem is usually a tribute to or inspired by someone the poet knows.


Let's go be terrible together.
Let's be just what we are.
And never pause to wonder whether
those friends have fled afar.
A road of stones lies ahead,
rivers blocked by boulders,
and the wind slaps ever at our faces.
But we don't fear to tread
with burdens on our shoulders
or red cheeks the wind embraces.

Perhaps some day we'll find
the stone too cold, too gray.
But for now we do not mind
having hands the mountain flays.
Let's go be quiet now,
the way we're wont to do
to build our cozy hideaway.
Will the world allow
the silence to accure
in this place where we can stay?