February 14th, 2016

Story a day: 2.14.16

Prompt: Today's form is canzone.

A type of sonnet, but less rigid. It seems, when I was researching this, like the form has a lot of flexibility, but the guidelines I used were:
- 7-10 lines per stanza
- Song-like
- 10-12 syllables per line
- No particular rhyme scheme


The acrobats go flying through the air
like dust motes wafting through a bright sun glare
the art of life performed with careless grace
a type of play I struggle to retrace
Did I once move like those careless children?
Did I play so freely and so often?
An acrobat slips and down she tumbles
Gravity pours over all and humbles
Canyons of worry scar an unlined brow
Thusly flees all the play life will allow