January 29th, 2016

Story a day: 1.29.16

Prompt: Today, I want me to write something happy. Believe me, that is a challenge.


In a village by a lake (itself by a forest near a castle), Mother Green prepared a bath. Tall and lean as a willow tree, Mother Green swayed back and forth between the lake and the village, carrying buckets of cool, fresh water. These she added one-by-one to a pool she had dug in the ground and lined with oiled blankets.

Some of the water escaped back into the dirt, but most of it remained and soon Mother Green knelt before a shallow green pool. Leaning close, she breathed over the water and it was as though the distant forest by the faraway castle had stirred and whispered forth to wash over the village and the pool.

Mother Green stood, pleased. Even before she lumbered back to her forest, she saw the ducklings approaching all in a row to bathe and play in the pool.