January 8th, 2016

Story a day: 1.8.16

Day 1: I call this day 1 because it's the first day that we've spent underground. We're using old sewers and bunkers. I'm one of the lucky ones - ended up in a bunker, one of those crazy Cold War things with rooms and rooms full of canned food.

Day 5: It's amazing how quickly humans will create order. We've already got a "mayor," some lady who used to be a lawyer. She divided us up, gave us all our own little "quarters." I guess since we're in a bunker the military terminology fits. I have a mattress on the floor in one of the can rooms. It's alright. The worst part is the boredom. There isn't much to do down here and you can hear those god damn Bunnymen hopping around above us all the time, mocking us. "Haha! We're in charge now. Enjoy your hole!"

Day 14: Has it been two weeks here already? My count may be off. I haven't been able to write. All that talk of boredom turned out to be a lie. They've been trying to get in. They're still rabbits, it turns out. They tried the front door at first but it's built to keep out bombs and is therefore well strong enough for bunny claws. Now we hear them digging, digging, constantly with that fucking digging. They're trying to find a different way in. I'm scared they'll succeed.

Day 17: Write as run. Sorry. Difficult. Bunnymen. Everywhere. They found a hole. Digging digging digging. They found a hole.